Google continues to amaze with its mapping efforts, now updating its service with more than 9,500 pictures of the Grand Canyon.

Coming as part of Google Trekker, a highly ambitious foot-based Street View project, the Grand Canyon is only the start of Google's plans.

The Trekker back packs use the same 360-degree panoramic camera techniques you find on Street View cars. The idea is that wherever the backpacks go, Google can build a Street View image.

Google also has trikes and snowmobiles working to map out areas of the wilderness where traditional transport can't reach. 

It's an impressive feat for sure and the Grand Canyon pictures are absolutely stunning. There is more than 75 miles worth of Canyon mapped out

This is only the start of Google's plans to map the world. Just recently Street View went underwater, and Google is even starting on mapping out parts of North Korea, an area traditionally exempt from the world's maps.

Hunter Skipworth

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