Medal of Honor is no more. EA has repeatedly failed to reignite the series with sales being lost to the likes of Call of Duty and its own Battlefield franchise.

The last game, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, was a particular dead duck for EA, receiving near universal bad reviews. No surprises then that MoH has gone.

Peter Moore, EA's chief operating officer, described sales of Warfighter as "well below expectations", and said the game received scores "lower than it deserved".

FIFA 13, on the other hand, managed sales of more than 12 million units by the end of Q4. Battlefield 3 generated $108m in revenue.

EA is planning to bring "year over year continuity to our shooter offerings", presumably meaning the Battlefield franchise will be getting yearly updates. At the moment, rumours point to a 2014 launch for Battlefield 4.

No more Medal of Honor then. Shame really, we remember the glory days of Allied Assault.

Hunter Skipworth

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