There’s probably never been a time when big business and the process of government have been under more scrutiny.

The information age has meant that people can’t hide their activities the way they perhaps used to.

The tax affairs of the big corporates are in the public domain and world leaders have their every word and deed pored over by a media-savvy, switched-on audience.

And it’s partly this phenomenon that is hoping to hook into.

It’s a campaign to raise awareness of global hunger, an issue that it’s almost hard to believe still exists in this day and age.

But it does, and this campaign wants people to take to their social networks and spread the word. They want to let governments know that enough is enough and they need to deliver on their promises. And they want big business to stop their relentless crusade for profit and start looking after something far more important – the future of the developing world.

It’s an age-old problem but now it’s being tackled in a thoroughly 21st-century way.

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