My life is full of stuff. It’s full of stuff I just own, it’s full of stuff I need to use, it’s full of stuff I wish I didn’t have to bother with.

What I wish it was full of, is the stuff that I really, you know, fancy.

Those achingly cool bits and bobs that I see in the style pages of the glossy magazines. Those objects of desire that all the really funky people seem to have in their sickeningly trendy homes.

You know – that stuff.

But where do I find all this stuff to drool over and dream about?

Well, now I have This is described as “part store, part magazine, part wishlist” and that sums it up pretty well.

Here I spot the things I like as I'm surfing the net and simply click on the “Fancy It” plugin I've installed. Then, it pops up in my fancy feed.

I can share what I'm into and even, if I'm lucky, get rewarded with deals on some of my chosen things.

My feed, sadly,  is more wishlist than anything else, but it’s a still quite a satisfying way to collect the things I'm into.

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