When a big company tells you it’s changed its website following “customers’ feedback”, we tend to approach with a certain amount of trepidation.

Lots of these sites, particularly in the service sector, try way too hard to incorporate all the bells and whistles that developers can dream up. The end result is usually a mess that’s impossible to navigate round and a pain in the rear end to use.

So we clicked on the new-look royalmail.com with one eye closed – just in case it was a horror show.

It’s not. In fact, they’ve made this look and feel like a site worthy of one of the most remarkable services we have in the UK.

All the tools you need to send and track your mail are here as well as clear and easy to find information about all aspects of sending and receiving post.

The Royal Mail gets a lot of stick every time it puts its prices up, but we still reckon it's terrific value for money.

If you can figure out a better way of getting a letter from Cornwall to Fort William for just 60p, we’re all ears.

And now it has a first-class website too.

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