We Brits are in the grip of an extreme sporting craze like never before.

There’s the chiselling the ice off you car before losing a finger to frostbite challenge. Then there’s the driving your car on ungritted roads without stacking it into a tree steeplechase.

Or how about the toughest challenge of all – the can I actually get on a train that’s running where it’s meant to and at the time it’s supposed to lottery marathon.

Yep, it’s winter and everything has taken on a extreme edge as we struggle through the snow.

We can only dream of exploits like those at xgames.com, the sporting event that’s off the scale when it comes to adrenaline and thrills.

In Aspen tomorrow, the world’s best daredevil sportsmen and women get together to show the world what they can do, in the latest in the global series of extreme sporting spectacles.

These guys really know how to make the most of the snow and with this newly redesigned site, you can get right in among the action.

Bet they couldn’t get on the 7.37 from East Grinstead without incident thoug.

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