Meccano is producing a number of models in a new Gears of War Judgment range, launched in parallel with the Xbox 360 title.

Landing in March, the new Gears of War Judgment Meccano includes the COG Silverback loader exoskeleton (£14.99), Halvo Bay Pursuit (£19.99) battle scene and Island Bunker Assault (£14.99), an artillery installation.

The new GoW models join the 2012 Gears of War range, including the Centaur pictured above, helping you create a Gears of War world.

Unfortunately Meccano wouldn't let us photograph the new models on its stand at the Toy Fair in London today, but they are pictured on the company's website, so we included them so you can see what to can expect.

COG Silverback

In addition, Meccano has a range of Gears of War "blind bag" collectibles, which will cost £1.99 a pop, with the figures of Marcus Fenix, Jace Stratton and Anthony Carmine, along with Locust Drone, Grenadier and Cyclops.