One of the drawbacks of being a gadget freak is the almost constant threat of some thieving little scrote coshing you over the head and running off with your prized possessions.

Police forces across around the world are now warning consumers not to flaunt their smartphones, tablets, cameras and MP3 players.

In London, you might get jostled and the only thing hurt is your pride. In some parts of the world, they’ll kill you for a shiny new toy.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself, and one of the best is to leave your gadgets in your bag or pocket, out of harm’s way.

However that does limit their usefulness somewhat. So instead of reading an eBook, why not listen to an audio version?

Once the preserve of the older reader, the appeal of listening to your favourite books being read aloud is spreading more to anybody with a gadget that will play them.

Listening to somebody read a few chapters of the latest publishing smash hit is a great way to unwind.

At you can plough through over 60,000 titles, at very reasonable prices.

And your precious tech stays safely tucked away while you do it too.

Win, win.

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