So, it seems that little Nipper has finally stopped staring into that big old gramophone, cocked his leg one last time and is heading for the big record shop in the sky.

HMV is on its last legs and if it does disappear, with it goes the fond music-buying memories of a generation.

The act of buying music in an actual shop has become almost a niche activity nowadays, so it’s probably not that surprising to see the bigger operators struggling.

Perhaps it was HMVs size that prevented it from being as agile as it needed to be, just to stay viable in a fast-moving digital world.

Whatever the reason, we Brits are now going to have to hunt around a bit more if we want to own music we can hold in our hands.

But all is not lost. Some independent record shops are just about holding their own in these troubled economic times and one of our favourites is

Always known as the record shop for the serious fan, here you can sign up to browse its online catalogue, which is as eclectic and refreshing as ever.

A true independent record shop on your desktop.

Now that’s progress.

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