If you’ve got your High Street Going Out of Business Bingo card handy, you can mark off yet another square.

The video rental chain Blockbuster is in serious trouble, with the administrators sharpening their pencils and unlocking the cupboard where they keep their axes.

In a month that’s already seen Comet, HMV and Jessops hit the buffers, it’s hard to see a particularly rosy future for Britain’s retailers. And if you’re a regular customer of even some of the bigger household names, particularly if you have vouchers or credit agreements with them, you might be starting to wonder where you stand legally, should the worst happen.

A great free resource for all issues relating to consumer law and finance is youandyourrights.co.uk.

Here you’ll find all kinds of advice on where you stand if things go south for your favourite businesses and you’re left holding the baby.

In these tough times, this one is well worth a bookmark.

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