Hands up who got a shiny new eReader for Christmas? A Kindle maybe? Or perhaps an iPad Mini? Hell, even an iPhone will run the Kindle app, so this probably applies to you too, if that’s what Santa dropped in your stocking a few weeks back.

Next question: who’s skint?

Yep, a few of us are counting the hours to payday too, so freebooksifter.com has come as a real new year bonus. It shows all the titles that are available for the Kindle at no cost. Some 35,000 titles, or so it claims, ranging from classic literature, through cutting-edge contemporary novels, to some really amazing non-fiction titles.

That means there are more books than anybody could ever read, available for our favourite price point: nowt, nada, zilch.

If you can’t find something here to help you while away the hours 'til payday, we reckon that shiny new toy might be wasted on you anyway.

And there’s something gloriously low-fi about this site too. It just does exactly what you need it to do – no frills, no fuss. It’s made a few of us older ‘Linters a bit misty eyed for the “good old days” of the internet.

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