Sony at CES 2013 has been quite the brand to behold, largely because of one product that seems to be of particular interest, but more on the Sony Xperia Z in a moment. Yes, there was more on offer from the Japanese giant at the annual Las Vegas tech binge than a 5-inch phone with a 1080p screen.

Funnily enough, there were quite a few TVs as well as other bits and bobs, so here’s what Sony revealed at CES 2013; here, in one easy to digest list with some nice pictures.

The Sony Xperia Z might just turn out to be the star of CES 2013. Among all the 4K, OLED, 86-inch, smart platform, Wi-Fi, NFC, 3D, app-hungry AV monsters that normally hog the limelight, it appears to be this, well, not so humble phone that's stolen the hearts of observers round the globe.

Fortunately, we got a good look for ourselves and have already put together a Sony Xperia Z preview with lots of photos and insightful observations. What's more, we've even raised the Sony Xperia Z issues that we think are most pertinent to the smartphone market. And, if you've decided you want to buy one – you're not alone – then here's where you can get Sony Xperia Z deals for the UK.

Should you live in East Asia, it also seems that there's another option on the mobile front. Sony also released a variant of the Xperia Z known as the Sony Xperia ZL. There's no waterproofing and the design has changed but there's still that big screen and many of the same features. You can take a look at our Sony Xperia ZL preview here.

Sony updated several of its compact digital cameras as soon as CES 2013 began. At the top of the pile is the DSLR-style Cyber-shot H200 that will cost $249 when it comes out this month. It's a brand new 21MP sensor and whacking great 26x zoom. For something a little more genuinely compact then the Cyber-shot WX80 with 16.2-megapixel sensor, 8x optical and Wi-Fi is probably where it's at.

On the tough side is the waterproof Cyber-shot TF1 for $199 and up for sale very soon. It loves the cold, the wet and all the dust you can chuck at it. Cheaper still is the Sony Cyber-shot W720 at $139 and that's still with the 8x optical zoom and HD shooting. If you're really strapped for readies though, you'll be wanting the $99 Sony Cyber-shot W710. Here's more on the Sony Cyber-shot range from CES 2013. Expect Sweep Panorama all round.

Society may be able to ditch the tape deck but it seems that we’ll never lose the brand. Sony has announced its new waterproof, all-in-one Walkman W273 media player at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The W273 is wire-free, with all of the MP3's internals built right into the headset, and it gives you 4GB of storage to play with as well. Plug it into the accompanying docking bay for 3 minutes, and the 29-gram device can playback for 60 minutes. A full 1.5 hour charge reaches the gadget's full 8 hours of playback. Not bad.

Sony also brought out a couple of audio products in the ever-popular wireless speaker space. The choice of connectivity is an Android-friendly Bluetooth or a touch of one-tap NFC magic. The Sony SRS-XT500 and smaller XT300 bring 40W and 20W of power, respectively through a 2.1 arrangement of drivers. They also have internal batteries so that you can travel with user for all day listening.

Sony has announced the Bravia X900A 4K Ultra HD TV. Launching in the spring, it will be Sony's flagship 4K set and features all the bells and whistles you would expect. Obviously, one of the big problems is that there’s bugger all 4K content in existence, so Sony is going to a) get upscaling and b) is also launching the world's first 4K video distribution service to go along with the TVs. Take a closer look at the Bracia X900A for full details of connected, panel and 3D credentials.

For something marginally more sedate, Sony has rolled out another seven new televisions at CES 2013. Top of the line for boring old 1080p then is the Bravia W900A edge lit LED. It comes with Sony’s Triluminous display technology which seems to be the sell of the year for Bravia. After that is the Sony Bravia W802A LED 3D which still comes with 3D technology, Wi-Fi and an MHL connector. Then comes the Sony Bravia W650A LED and so on until there’s telly that the average person can just about afford. Take a look at the full Sony Bravia line up for 2013 here.

And there’s more. As we’ve seen from one or two of the big telly makers, why have just 4K technology when you can have true future/vapourware that is a 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototype instead? The panel has been developed as a joint venture between Sony and Panasonic and is, by all accounts from our reporters on the ground, predictably stunning. You can take a look at some images here.

Sony wants to make sure you are keen to show off its new Blu-ray players by making them look like no Blu-ray player you've ever seen before. Rather than just another boring black box, the four new models - the BDP-S1100, BDP-S3100, BDP-S4100 and BDP-S5100 Smart Blu-ray Disc Players - are supposedly inspired by quartz crystal.

As you would expect, the new Smart Blu-ray Disc Players also support the latest generation of Bravia LCD TVs with support for Triluminous display, as well as promising faster Quick Start Loading and, yes, Wi-Fi.