Altec Lansing 'The Jacket' Bluetooth speaker pictures and eyes-on

When we think of Altec Lansing it's car tech that immediately comes to mind. But things are a-changin'. Having just been acquired by an investment company, Altec Lansing was showing off some concept audio devices at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Called The Jacket because it comes with multiple coloured jackets, the Altec's latest focus is all about Bluetooth speakers, a growing market area.

We weren't able to have a listen to the concept device, because it was behind glass, but it was confirmed that it will be going to market this year.

Alongside it were a variety of other audio concept devices, including the as yet unnamed near-cone-shaped speaker system shown below.

Looks rather cool, doesn't it? We'll have to wait and see what comes out from the audio company over the coming months.