We've been basking in some slightly unseasonal milder weather in the UK recently, but we know a cold snap is on the way.

Cue travel chaos.

You'd think, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we could cope with a light dusting of snow every now and again, but we Brits seem to go to pieces in the wintry weather.

One thing we're not very good at, is preparing our cars for driving in winter. Particularly when it comes to the rubber.

A good set of tyres can mean the difference between life and death, but many people don’t do their research and just stick the cheapest thing they can find on their car.

But the right tyres can not only keep you safe, they can save you money too.

At green-tyres.org.uk you can find out all about the greener option.

With its handy fuel saver app, you can see how much money you could save, all the while knowing that you can also stay safe this winter.

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