LG’s activities at CES 2013 were announced a few days before the Las Vegas show opened, with the company releasing news of its wares early. As ever at CES, it’s the televisions that take centre stage but with so many splurted out at once, it’s rather hard to get a decent picture of everything that will be available from LG during 2013. So here’s a breakdown of what the Korean company has announced.

LG had shown us some 4K action at last year’s CES and, indeed, had already launched the 84-inch LG 84LM960V in the UK whether or not you had the space or the money to own one. Fortunately, the company has got a little more realistic for 2013 by adding two new screen sizes to its 4K Ultra HD range.

The line-up now includes marginally more sedate 55 and 65-inch models. Each features the same Triple XD processing engine and resolutions of 3840 x 2160, but because of the smaller screen size, the 55-inch set (actually 54.6-inch diagonally) has a pixel density of 80.69 ppi, so will look even sharper than the 84-inch model (which has a ppi of 52.43). Naturally, both the LG Smart TV platform and passive Cinema 3D are included, the latter of which will result in a Full HD 3D image to each eye. Throw in the LG Magic Remote and NFC wireless sharing, and that’s your lot.

Obviously, the elephant in the room with all this UHD TV business is that there isn’t actually any 4K content to go on them at the moment, save one and a half channels in East Asia. That’s not a problem, of course, in the world of computing where, doubtless, graphics cards will be kicking out the appropriate pixel levels and rates in a matter of weeks. So it’s of no small significance that LG brought out a 30-inch 4K monitor along with all the tellies at CES 2013. Smart move.

LG and Samsung claimed to have unveiled the world’s first commercially available large-screen OLED TVs at CES 2012. Unfortunately, it took until just the other day to bring out the 55-inch LG 55EM9700 in Korea. So, come the 2013 press conference in Vegas, the company seems to have put the cloth back over it, called it the LG 55EM9800 instead and re-released it as the first commercially available large-screen OLED TV once more.

To buy one in the US - which you’ll be able to do from March onwards - will set you back $12,000 (£7,500 approx) and what you’ll be getting for that outlay is a low-energy profile, super-thin (4mm) panel and extraordinary colours. In fact, LG has added an extra pixel to the common combination of red, green and blue to make sure. No news on UK arrival and price just yet.

Just normal, plain old 1080p HD here but from a projector this time and up to 100 inches on the diagonal; not bad if you’ve got the wall space for that kind of action. If you’re worried about the throw distance though, don’t be: it can serve up that size from just 22 inches away. So that’s a really small cupboard with a really high ceiling then. Fortunately, the LG Hecto Laser TV, as it’s known, will come with its own screen just in case

It has LG Smart TV capabilities, a digital tuner and 2x10W built-in speakers embedded in the projector to support virtual surround sound. You can connect sources to it by HDMI and Wi-Fi.

Yes, there will also be normal LED TVs from LG in 2013. They will, of course, be Smart TVs and now also be Google TVs too. The LG GA7900 and GA6400 is what the company had to talk about in this space at the show.

They have that passive Cinema 3D TV tech and come in various sizes. They’ll also each work with the redesigned LG Magic Remote Qwerty to deliver a full Google TV experience, including voice search. More details on LG Google TVs from CES 2013 over here.

The idea behind the curved screen is that it "creates a panorama effect not possible with flat-panel TVs, offering a more immersive viewing experience", says Samsung and it's an idea also promoted by LG. "We sit around our televisions, never just in a flat line in front of them."

The LG EA9800 model also has full Cinema 3D support but, funnily enough, availability and pricing were not announced. Up close and the viewing angle is staggeringly good, and we were able to watch what was on the screen on both prototype sets, while standing almost parallel to them. The picture quality is also exceptional, with the curved screen working to reduce the glare. 

The BH9430PW is a new 9.1-channel surround sound system. As the name suggests, you'll get nine, yes nine, speakers to try to lose in your living room, plus a sub-woofer. The BH9430PW isn't just a speaker though, doubling as a "Smart Hub" too. It is compatible with NFC technology for wireless content mirroring and once plugged into a TV allows you to browse the web and access LG's Smart TV offerings. The BH9430PW also includes an iPod dock to charge devices and provide access to stored content.

You’re alternative to the full monty set up is the NB4530A Sound Bar with 2.1 channels, 310W speakers and LG’s 3D Surround Processor. It measures 35mm tall. If you just want a Blu-ray player though, with few frills aside frpm Smart TV, then take a look at the LG BP730. Last of all are the LG ND8630 Dual Docking Speaker and the LG NP6630 portable speaker. More details on all of these options here.