It's one of those moments in life that seems to happen in slow motion. But that doesn't mean you can do anything to stop it.

You're in the kitchen, lovingly preparing a delicious meal. You're diligently following the recipe, which is handily displayed on your tablet computer. You've propped this up against the kitchen scales, or a bottle of olive oil, or something else that works just as we'll as a temporary stand.

And then the stars align. Karma comes back to haunt you for some past deed. Or whatever.

Something happens and you knock your saucepan. It wobbles on the stove and all you can do is watch, in aforementioned slow motion, as a liberal dollop of your fresh pasta sauce arcs across the kitchen and lands firmly on your prized touchscreen monolith. Disaster.

If only there were a tablet designed for this harsh environment.

Well, meet It is just that.

A robust tablet that’s made for life in a kitchen.

Chock full of recipes, with easy to follow videos in delicious HD, it's the perfect gadget for chefs of all abilities.

Yes, you can carry on using your iPad, Android or Windows 8 machine if you want to, but who wants to take the risk, eh?

There’s no guarantee this could take a direct hit from one of our Editor’s homemade bran muffins, but then not much can...

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