The rumours were true - Nikon has announced the J3 mere months after the lid was lifted on the J2 model. So why such a quick turnarond?

The J3 is smaller, lighter and, well, just all-round better than the J2. It's also got an updated menu system that's far easier to work through then ever before. But that might leave those who purchased a J2 a little miffed that they didn't wait an extra four months for the latest aluminium-bodied J3 model.

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In use the J3 responds quickly; autofocus is super fast, supposedly even faster than its predecessors but it's hard to tell by eye because it's that quick.

nikon 1 j3 pictures and hands on image 4

The updated menu system echoes that of the brand new Nikon 1 S1 model. There are six main tiles in the display that cover shooting modes, playback, special shooting modes, movie capture, image processing and set-up options.

That means less faffing around to find the manual shooting options that you want, although the ongoing lack of a physical mode dial with standardised manual options is something we doubt the series will ever come to incorporate.

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The 14.2-megapixel mini compact system camera continues to boast about its special modes, including a high-speed continuous burst, smart photo selector and motion snapshot. There are also a batch of "arty" modes thrown in.

A subtle upgrade, but the best Nikon 1 yet, and about time that the menu system was rearranged into something more user friendly.