If you’ve gone dry for January, and a lot of people have this year we’ve noticed, then you might, just possibly, be missing beer.

But you don’t have to. You can still enjoy beer without actually drinking, can’t you?

Um, well, maybe not, but soon you might be able to.

At beertone.ch they are working on the definitive (okay, the only) Swiss beer colour guide.

That’s right, they are painstakingly researching more than 200 Swiss beers and categorising them by all colour, as well as a few other attributes that we won’t go into for the benefit of all you abstainers.

Each beer is lovingly poured, photographed and catalogued for the true colour connoisseur to savour.

This is a great idea and will appeal to anybody who works with colour and enjoys an Alpine beer, and all they need is a few people to pre-order to make it a reality. There are bonuses for early adopters too.

Let’s make this happen, people. Then they might do one for all our fine British ales…


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