Griffin and Crayola have teamed up once more to bring a new kind of drawing pen for the children of iPad owners to enjoy. The Crayola Light Marker has a light on the end which the front-facing camera of the iPad can detect.

The upshot is that you can draw and create your on-screen art by making gestures with it in the air. Naturally, it involves a new Light Marker app too and together the combo will cost you $29.99. There's also an activity centre and workstation to accompany them, that will work with the current Crayola Studio HD software. Or you can pick up special editions of the studio app with both Barbie and Hot Wheels the choice of partner.

Continuing the kit for kids, Griffin has expanded its line of KaZoo iOS accessories as well as teaming up with some popular Nickelodeon characters. There are some KaZoo on-ear headphones with safety volume limiter in either penguin or frog, there are animal iPod touch cases and also the Capper Stylus which is a rubber attachment for the end of a pen or pencil that can be used on a touchscreen.

As for Nickelodeon, your wee one gets to enjoy Dora The Explorer, SpongeBob and the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles as mobile accessories. There are skins, cases, shells and all sorts.