Nvidia has launched a cloud-based gaming system, the Nvidia Grid. Developed over the course of five years, the new service will bring PC-quality gaming over the cloud, to a wide range of devices.

Demoed to us over an LG Smart TV and a Transformer Prime, Nvidia's client is designed to run on a wide range of devices and bring the same quality gaming experience to all of them.

It reminds us plenty of OnLive, but for a company like Nvidia, rooted so traditionally in the world of hardware, it's exciting to see the direction it's taking.

The Nvidia Grid system is paired with large cloud service providers around the world. Nvidia hopes the new service is going to bring cloud gaming into the mainstream.

It's still in trial and is yet to have any confirmed manufacturers and hardware that it will be turning up on, nor is there any sort of confirmed games list or performance stats.

Nvidia says one of its single Grid units is equivalent to around 720 Xbox 360s and can support up to 25 users each.

Expect to see plenty more about Nvidia Grid over the coming days. Could it be the graphics card giant can fill the gap OnLive has left? Will they get it right? We will have to wait and see.

Hunter Skipworth

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