Parrot's Flower Power is designed to wirelessly monitor your plant's needs via Bluetooth, by sending notifications to your Anroid or iOS device. Sounds like it could be the ultimate smart garden accessory to us.

The Flower Power sits in the soil next to your plant and communicates information about sunlight, humidity, fertilizer and temperature.

The device is designed to look like a stick or shrub as it's available in either green or brown, so it doesn't detract too much from the look of the plant.

The associated app includes a huge database of plants and foliage so it's possible to keep track of specific fertilizer and water levels for individual plant types. As any gardener will know, it's not a "one size fits all" concept.

The smartphone apps will be more basic, but the iPad app we saw was able to plot live graphs to show water light, water and other levels in real time.

As the Flower Power is AA-battery powered the device can run down after around six months. But it's clever enough to send you a battery replacement alert when it's running low on juice too.

The Flower Power is a far cry from Parrot's AR Drone, but we like it. Based on our extremely brief time with the app, it looks to be an incredibly full-featured piece of kit for people who take gardening very seriously.

There is no price so far as the device still just a project for Parrot, but when it does come to fruition, the app will launch alongside it for free.

Hunter Skipworth

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