Pocket-lint has arrived at CES 2013 in sunny Las Vegas. Cameras charged, laptops at the ready, we will be bringing you the best in news and hands-ons from the show over the coming week.

Expect all the thrills and spills CES has to offer, from giant TVs to new smartphones and everything in between. If it is exciting and it's at CES, Pocket-lint will have it covered.

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If you fancy having a browse of all our CES 2013 coverage, take a look at our show homepage here. Wondering what to expect? Then why not have a read of our CES 2013 preview here?

We will have live coverage of all the keynotes on Monday as well as photo galleries, hands-ons and exclusives. 

Pocket-lint will be updating faster than you can blink over the next week, so make sure you keep checking the website to keep up to date on the CES goings-on.

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