LG has released a teasing promo video for its forthcoming CES 2013 press conference, which kicks off the official press day in Las Vegas this year.

Within the video are glimpses of various products, presumably those that will be announced at the show. Interestingly there appears to be a smartphone stuffed in the middle, visible at around 17 seconds in the video above. 

It's a fleeting glance, but we can't help feeling it's a new device coming from LG. The frame we've grabbed below shows the bottom of the device with screws similar to the LG-built Nexus 4 we've got here in the Pocket-lint office.

It's difficult to draw too many conclusions, but Android Community raises the suggestion of a rumoured 5.5-inch device, dubbed the Optimus G2, to bring LG into the phablet market.

LG has previously launched flagship devices at CES, such as the Optimus 2X at CES  2011 - at the time, the launch device for Nvidia's new Tegra 2 chipset. Perhaps the Korean company will again have a launch device for the rumoured Tegra 4 chipset?

This is all speculation so far, but LG has already made some CES announcements, including the details of its 2013 Smart TV line-up, the Hecto Laser TV and new Google TV models. You can find them all on our dedicated CES 2013 homepage.

Whatever the big reveal come Monday morning, we'll be there to bring you all the news, as it happens.