Super Mega Worm was a bit of a cult app. Loved by many for its clever retro style and addictive gameplay, it has spawned a sequel: Super Mega Worm vs Santa 2.

Don't let the silly name fool you, it's deliberate. This is a game all about fun and executes the over the top retro gameplay it hopes to emulate extremely well. But what on earth is it all about? How does it play and should you download it?

Android, iOS
iTunes, Android

Super Mega Worm vs Santa 2, or SMW as we will now call it, works fairly simply. You play the role of a giant worm. This worm can burrow underground and then fling itself up and into the air, grabbing people and whatever else is lying around.

Eat people, or in this case elves and the level will move on. The game gets harder the more you eat, throwing in things like tanks and cars as well as various gun-toting elves. The more vehicles, though, and the easier it is to bounce off them, keeping your worm above ground and gaining a larger combo streak.

The more you eat each time you are above ground, the more points you get. Each person you eat gives you a bit of health back, keeping you alive when going above ground in the harder later levels. The skill comes in eating enough people and getting big enough combos, while not getting too greedy and letting your worm get killed by all the bad guys shooting at it.

It's a simple concept, but one that is backed by an awesome art style. This app is one of the best looking 8-bit style apps we've seen. The Christmas feel is nailed perfectly and the large number of different enemies keeps eating them exciting. The music is also great and perfectly in sync with the retro looks of the game. 

If you are opposed to the idea of eating Santa - although, to be honest, this app is the better of the two - then the original should provide almost just as good a worm-based fix. Check that one out here.

Hunter Skipworth

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