Pure promised plenty more on the speaker front when it announced the Jongo wireless music multiroom system, and now it as delivered.

Adding to the Jongo family are the T640B stereo wireless speaker and A140B wireless hi-fi adapter. The latter builds on the whole Jongo idea and lets you use the technology with a speaker system of your choice, rather than Pure's own.

Priced at £99, the A140B will add any connected device to your multiroom set-up. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi come integrated as well as a 24-bit DAC, optical and coaxial digital inputs and a pair of phono analogue audio outputs.

The box itself comes in various colours, including black and white, and should ship in the first half of 2013.

As for the Jongo T640B, this adds more grunt to your current Jongo speaker system. The 100-Watt speaker puts out stereo sound and, unlike the current smaller Jongo speakers, is meant to act as the single main audio system for a larger room. A pair of 5-inch drivers are backed up by dual tweeters.

There is also the option to use a stand, with the speakers positioned in landscape or portrait, or to use a wall bracket. The speaker, like all Jongo products, comes in black or white and can also be brightened up with different coloured grille packs for the front. Expect the T640B to ship in the first part of 2013 for £249.

Hunter Skipworth

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