If you’re partial to occasional liquid stimuli, it’s possible that yesterday was a bit of a hazy day.

New Year’s Day for the drinking classes is very often a day of junk food, comfort movies and muttering “never again” under your breath, as the excesses of the night before come home to roost.

We know we don’t really mean it, but do you reckon you could turn “never again” into at least “not for a month”?

It’s quite a challenge for many, but at dryjanuary.org.uk Alcohol Concern is trying to get people to abstain for 31 days.

According to the charity, you’ll feel better, sleep better, lose weight and save money, so there’s really no downside. 

If making a significant change to your lifestyle featured in your New Year resolutions in any way, shape or form, this could well be the kick-start you’re looking for. One of its most powerful tools is the Drinking Time Machine app. This might be handy to have on you in the pub if your mates decide to give you a hard time for asking for a lemonade over the next month.

If you’ve already tried hair of the dog, then perhaps you can just watch from the sidelines this time.

Either way, good luck for 2013.

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