CES 2013 is just around the corner, with the consumer electronics trade show kicking off on 8 January. But we'll find out a lot of what will be on the show floor a day earlier, with a majority of the big manufacturer press conferences taking place on 7 January. It is on this day that we fully expect Samsung to unveil its "something new" in the TV space, as teased a few weeks ago.

Now a more defined teaser trailer has arrived, one that confirms that Samsung's biggest CES plans surround its Smart TV range and, specifically, a new flagship set.

What it doesn't say is what will make it so special.

The few clues we have so far have led some to believe that the new Smart TV could be an Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV), otherwise known as 4K. Others think it could be as bezel-less as is possible with current display technology.

To support the latter theory, another Samsung pre-CES 2013 statement has appeared on its Korean blog. It states (through bad Google translation) that "the real innovation is the design of the TV Design", suggesting that it is in the design of the new set that we'll see the biggest change.

Either way, we'll find out soon enough. For the moment, enjoy Samsung's unusual step of making a trailer for its presence at a trade show. It's certainly well made.