BlackBerry 10 is getting more exciting by the minute. First the confirmed 30 January launch date and now leaked pics of the new BBM video chat in action.

CEO Thorsten Heins had hinted heavily at its inclusion, but until now we hadn't seen any pics of it performing.

Leaked by forum users on Crackberry, a set of images shows not only the new video chat functionality but also the revised task manager and things such as screen sharing. 

The new task manager, called BlackBerry Remember, may include integration with Evernote and is able to sync with Outlook. Tasks and goals can be set from anywhere within the device and then grouped to use later. BB Remember also lets you capture and organise content in other ways, although the images do little to elaborate.

As for BBM, it appears basically anything can be captured and shared within the messenger. And you can also switch instantly to video chat and screen sharing.

Hunter Skipworth

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