Evernote has turned its rather obsessive hand to the world of food. The result is a fantastic way to log everything you eat and cook.

So how does Evernote Food work? Building on the clever system already established by Evernote's standard app, it allows foodies to build a personal reference book. Read on to find out.

Android, iOS
iTunes, Google Play

Evernote Food is split into sections: my meals, retaurants, my cookbook and explore recipes. Of all the sections, the last is the most useful. It allows you to browse through a wide range of different recipes taken from across the web, copy them and save them into your cookbook.

My meals is how you add to the app yourself. You can enter complex details and pictures of your favourite recipes and create your own cookbook, complete with photos. 

The restaurants section of the app is surprisingly complete. It works on location and ties in with Foursquare. Depending on where you are, nearby restaurants will be listed, along with the food on offer, prices and pictures.

The app allows you to sync with Facebook and Twitter to share recipes and restaurants. It also syncs with your Evernote account so you can get hold of your recipes elsewhere.

As free apps go, Evernote Food is one of the best. It is outstanding as a cooking app and the included restaurant element is great. 

Hunter Skipworth

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