Samsung is giving its Smart TVs a serious revamp. Images posted on its Flickr stream show plans for a new look Smart Hub, which will be unveiled in full at CES 2013.

The new hub is all about simplicity. Gone is the distracting background, replaced with a plain black one. On top of that, the whole UI has been decluttered and simplified, to improve the user experience.

At the moment, Samsung's Smart hub is one of the best Smart TV experiences there is but is still lacking in terms of ease of use. This revamp should fix that, although until we get to play with it in person at CES we can't be sure.

Samsung's major shortfall, when compared to Apple, is in the way it delivers content. Simply put, it doesn't have iTunes. This redesign should make for a more competitive Samsung in content terms and could easily end up being applied to other devices.

Hunter Skipworth

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