Looking for that new year accessory to stand out? Then look no further than this giant Lego brick bag. It's made by Luxford St, based in Australia, and is officially called the Block Bag. It's also big enough to make us feel like real-world Minifigs.

The bag is a 10:1 scale replica of a classic Lego block, which means it measures 17cm high and 24cm wide. It's made from 100 per cent yellow cotton denim - no actual Lego bricks to be found here - with what's described as a "creamy yarn" finish running throughout. We hope that no Minifigs were harmed in the bag's construction.

On the top is a 2.5mm tan leather strap with a sturdy brass buckle to adjust the length, while the front pocket is held down by a magnetic clasp.

Price-wise we're yet to receive confirmation as to how much the Block Bag will set you back. Who knows, it might be cause enough to sell your Lego house.

Check out Karen Brooker's other creations on Etsy as there are plenty more Lego-inspired fashion creations and more that have also caught our attention.

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