Rockstar's gradual trickle of Grand Theft Auto V goodness has reached new heights over Christmas, with a set of screenshots that show just how ambitious the game is going to be.

Forget planes, trains and automobiles, Rockstar wants you exploring the bottom of the ocean. The screenshots show a small, deep-sea submersible, confirming earlier chatter over the possibility of underwater sections of the new game.

Along with the sub, there are also pictures of a rather large shark with a diver in full diving gear swimming above it. 

As if that wasn't enough to whet our gaming appetites, the five new GTA V screens also feature huge passenger jets, blimps and even dogs sitting in cars. 

From the looks of it then, the new Grand Theft Auto is going to be a return to the wild and wacky world of San Andreas and the glory days of GTA. For those yet to see them, check out the two current GTA V trailers here and here

Hunter Skipworth

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