Your followers matter.  They hang on every word, every whim, every nuance of your mood. They interact, they react, they sometime over-react. You probably love them and hate them in equal measure, because some of them you will know well. But some of them will be a total and unfathomable mystery to you.

And that’s where the problem lies with Twitter.

The world’s favourite micro blogging site is in danger of being taken over (if it hasn’t been already) by the bots and spammers and shady dealing marketers.

And once you reach a certain number of followers, it’s nearly impossible for you to do any kind of housekeeping to make sure your followers are all on the up and up.

So tools like Fake Followers, from Social Bakers, can help.

Type in any Twitter handle and it will tell you how many of your followers’ accounts are inactive, fake or just a bit dodgy.

Useful on many levels, if you’re serious about maintaining a following that matters.

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