If you’re anywhere near London over the next couple of months, there’s an exhibition that is well worth checking out. It’s a collection of images by the American photographer Ansel Adams, and it’s on at the National Maritime Museum. We mention it, because the subject matter of the collection is Adams’s pictures of water, and some of the most striking images are of frozen rivers, waterfalls and glaciers.

These images are truly powerful, but are all the more so when you learn that the glaciers Adams depicted are disappearing at an alarming pace.

Never was this of more concern than it is now in the Himalayas.

Entire countries depend on the sub-polar glaciers for their water supplies, and these glaciers are vanishing at a frightening rate.

glacierworks.org is an organisation that is trying to highlight this potentially catastrophic environmental change, and it does it through using images, much like those of Ansel Adams, to show that what was once there is now gone forever.

These pictures are breathtaking, not only for their beauty, but also for the graphic way they illustrate the way the planet is changing.

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