It’s Friday.

More than that, it’s the last Friday before Christmas.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to get much work done today, are you? What with mince pies, lunch, secret Santa, trying to find out who snogged who at the Christmas party and everything else that comes with that "last day of school" feeling, you might as well just kick back and have some fun.

So, in keeping with all of this, may we introduce you to Manuel Moose?

Manuel sits on a wall in an office owned by a digital creative agency.

Which probably explains why Manuel talks. In fact, he’ll say anything you like, because he’ll say whatever you tweet to him.

So you can probably start to see why Manuel might come in handy today.

Say you finally do find out who snogged who at the Christmas party – what better way to spread the word?

We love Manuel and we reckon he might have quite a busy day today.

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