The world of extreme sports is starting to hit its peak season. As the snow begins to settle in the ski resorts around the world, the adrenaline-seeking daredevils will be heading to their winter retreats to do things with skis, boards and parachutes that truly boggle the mind.

The summer months are filled with parkour, BMX, sandboarding and all kinds of other weird, wonderful and death-defying antics.

But as winter draws in, this is when we see the full spectrum of what people do for thrills.

At the forefront of this surge in popularity over the past few years has been Red Bull. It's become a brand that is arguably now more associated with extreme sports than it is with its core product, and it loves nothing more than to show off all the activities its involved in with the Illume Image Quest.

This is a search for the best pictures of extreme sports, and the 2013 contest is now open at

So if you’ve spent the summer throwing yourself off buildings send something in. Or you’re heading to the slopes for a little off-piste action, pack a camera and send in what you see when you get there.

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