Brighton & Hove council has posted a response to a Christmas video posted on satirical website The Poke after it began to go viral.

Taking a much more lewd approach to the conventional Christmas light display than the council might, the new-look spoof Brighton & Hove lights feature all sorts of naughty content. It's subtle at the start, thanks in part to the extremely clever editing work, but gets more obvious as the video goes on.

"The video is a creative spoof," reads the post on the council website, "but it is making people smile and getting thousands of people talking about Brighton & Hove in the run up to Christmas - this has got to be good news for the city and good news for its traders."

The council has also taken the time to link to its real Brighton Christmas video which conveys the seafront town in the winter months. It's a little more sedate and we know which we prefer, even if it turns out to be something of a stunt.

Right now the video is sat at around 27,000 views on YouTube. Expect this one to go viral quickly. Any chance it will top Gangnam Style's insane viewing figures? We doubt it.

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