As a general rule, the only people who tend to think of themselves as brands are celebrities, sports stars and entrepreneurs.

But, in this marketing-savvy world, it's becoming more the case that we are all, actually, brands.

We market ourselves every day, through our interactions with people - face to face, on the phone and increasingly through social media.

It's this last one that really holds the key to it.

Most of us use Facebook, Twitter and all the others to let the world know what we're thinking, what we're doing and what we're into. To an extent, we're marketing ourselves through sharing our opinions and passions.

So it's not really surprising that a service like has come along.

Here, you can turn all your likes, tweets, posts and pins into a one-stop, self-promoting web page. They call it a graphical bio.

For people actively looking to change careers or get a job, this is another potentially indispensable channel for getting noticed.

For those just looking for another outlet for their words and pictures, it's a simple new way to present them. Tell them who you are by using your social media IDs and they do the rest.

We really like this one, and reckon it could become a new standard for showing yourself off a bit.

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