This time of year is all about tradition, isn’t it?

The season for giving and all that? A time of year where you can reflect on the year that’s drawing to a close and think about all the things you might want to change as the new year dawns.

Many of us will spend time with our families, and maybe eat a bit too much. Perhaps a few too many refreshing beverages will be consumed at times of the day when, at any other time of year, people might raise an eyebrow.

It’s also the time when you might think about extending a little seasonal goodwill to others less fortunate, and this week is a time when you can combine that tradition with another.

We’re talking about the Christmas jumper.

Long derided, it’s become the epitome of seasonal cool. If you don’t believe us, try looking for one to buy “for a laugh” and you’ll soon see that charity shop bargains are a thing of the past when it comes to the more colourful end of the knitwear spectrum.

But, many people will have something festive festering at the bottom of the wardrobe, and this Friday is the time when you can dig it out, wear it with pride and hopefully help people who could do with some support.

This year, 14 December is Christmas Jumper Day and at you can show the world you care, in all your Fair Isle finery.

We’re giving you a few days’ notice to get properly dressed for the occasion.

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