We all know that the big online companies keep information about us. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo, Google – they all use every keystroke we enter into their servers to track us and tailor their content to make it easier for advertisers to send us the messages they best see fit.

For the most part, we go along with it. It’s now how the world goes round, right?

But, if you prefer a clean search – one that won’t leave any traces on your digital profile or potentially come back to haunt you when you’re rich and famous (it happens), then perhaps  duckduckgo.com may be of interest.

Here, you can search without leaving any digital footprints for anybody to follow. That means your sudden whim to take up hang-gliding won’t mean that every ad you see for the rest of the year is from life assurance firms.

Because that’s how it works on the other sites.

Here, you might not get the same search experience as some of the more familiar, big-name engines, but that doesn’t mean it’s not very clever.

They use “goodies” to help their algorithms along, and anybody can suggest these "goodies” to make searching faster and more relevant.

Overall, we like this as an option and it could well be a name to watch.

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