London is a bustling, eclectic city, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. Over the centuries, many things have made their mark on this great city, none more so than the Blitz.

Between 1940 and 1941 the Luftwaffe dropped thousands of tonnes of high explosives, and destroyed a third of the city.

Entire neighbourhoods were wiped out and if you look really carefully, you can still see the scars today. Architectural styles suddenly change halfway down certain streets and city parks are dotted with unusually deep undulations as they turfed over craters and even the big communal bomb shelters can still be seen.

For many, this period remains a fascination. The tales of perseverance and civic pride, and the sheer magnitude of the horror, make it something that will always grab people’s attention.

And so we come to a map that shows exactly where the bombs fell.

It’s quite astonishing, when you look at it, that major landmarks managed to survive. Famously, St Paul’s Cathedral escaped the devastation, but as this map shows, countless other buildings didn’t.

Truly fascinating stuff.

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