Regular readers will know that we love a bargain, and we’re also big, big fans of online shopping, because that’s where the bargains are mostly to be found.

But, as with so much in the online world, shopping can be fraught with peril for the unwary, especially when it comes to branded goods.

Fakes are big business, and where once you used to find them being sold out of bread crates on busy shopping streets, now you’ll find them listed on slick, professional looking websites.

They lie in wait for any unsuspecting shoppers, luring them in with promises of massive discounts and speedy delivery.

Often, the goods are fake, but if you’re really unlucky, you won’t see anything at all.

One way to check that you’re not being led a merry dance is to try

Here you can check to see where to buy your branded goods before you hit the search engines.

The brand directory is far from exhaustive, but it certainly covers some of the biggest name, particular in high-end fashion and accessories.

So, do your research before you splurge and you should have a very happy Christmas.

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