When the human race invented the wheel, we pretty much nailed it. There's not really been much in the way of redevelopment since.

But all the things we’ve attached wheels to have been evolving at an alarming rate over the past couple of hundred years and if you look around any city centre these days, the sheer variety of wheeled transport would blow the minds of engineers and industrialists from even a few decades ago.

And that’s sort of what happened when we saw the bikes made by elliptigo.co.uk - they blew our minds

These are not your average bicycles.

They are more like a cross trainer strapped to some gears and a couple of wheels and, according to the manufacturer, they’re about the best workout you can get on two wheels – it’s running, but without the impact.

We saw them in action on the seafront in Brighton at the weekend and the elliptical motion, twinned with what looked like effortless handling, made them quite an appealing prospect.

The almost zero-impact nature of the exercise should appeal to anybody who’s not in the best shape of their lives and is going to be very attractive to people recovering from injury.

These could be the next big thing in fitness machines.

We want one. Even at nearly three grand for the top-of-the-range model…

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