How many times has it happened?

You’re sitting there, gazing listlessly at the TV screen. You might have a bowl of snacks handy. Maybe even a refreshing beverage is nestled in your hand.

Then, the familiar opening bars of your favourite song cut through the ennui and you think, “Ooh, I like this one”.

Then, you realise that it’s an ad. It’s an ad for quite possibly the worst, most unsuitable, unworthy product in the world.

And they’re using your music.


At the moment, it’s possible you’ll be tearing your hair out every time you see yet another Christmas ad with yet another wistful piano version of yet another Eighties classic, sung by yet another wistful young lady you’ve never heard of.

Ouch, again.

But, you can do something about this at Sort of.

You can at least have your favourite song being part of a half decent ad.

VW is looking for the soundtrack to its new Golf campaign.

And you have until 9pm on Saturday to throw your top tune's hat into the ring. You might even see your name in lights.

Look at it this way: sacrifice your song here, and it will never appear in a frozen food commercial or anything involving laundry or celebrity gossip magazines.

It might be for the best if you want to continue enjoying your tellybox in relative peace.

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