What is the actual point of Thursday anyway?

Monday has a use: it’s there for us all to universally despise, as our weekends come crashing to an undignified end.

Tuesday’s there for us to start thinking about probably getting some meaningful work done. Maybe.

Wednesday is, as any office bore will drone on about “hump day” – cue jokes about it all being downhill to the weekend ad nauseam. Annoying yes, but there’s still a use for it.

Friday is obviously, technically the weekend and is therefore officially A Good Thing. And everybody likes Fridays, right?

But in the middle there sits Thursday. It’s just plain useless. It does nothing. It's even tried to market itself as “the new Friday”.


It doesn’t even have any decent telly on.

So for this useless day, have theuselessweb.com, a one-click portal to the wonders of the waste of time web.

This will suck you in as you discover more and more useless but entertaining sites.

Soon be Friday, thank goodness...

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