Behind the scenes with Guy Ritchie's CoD: Black Ops 2 'Surprise' trailer (video)

One of the coolest trailers ever has to be the one directed by Guy Ritchie for the latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 2. Called "Surprise" it shows several stars, including Robert Downey Jnr, in a sequence of reveals which see each of them being outsmarted and "fragged" in more and more extravagant ways. There's always a bigger fish, is the message.

Activision has just released the making of video, which we present to you now, which has Ritchie and cast members explain the concept. But none of it quite lives up to what happens in the first ten seconds. Rigged? Probably. Funny? Definitely.

You can also check out the original trailer below - that's if you're not one of the first 34 million plus to have watched it already...

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