Yesterday we reported that if you really want to get some serious traffic online you need to include Kate Middleton, Tulisa Contostavlos or Cheryl Cole in your headline (see above – gotta be worth a shot, right?).

But of those three, who’s the daddy (mummy?) when it comes to hits? 

One way to find out is to pit them against each other at

This is the best way we know of to find out who beats whom when it comes to online popularity. The SEO-topping British lovelies are according to Bing, but by comparing Google hits we really cut the worldwide wheat from the cyber chaff.

Here you can compare results on anything you like and its "classic" and "funny" searches are worth browsing though to see a slightly disturbing glimpse of the world’s surfing habits.

Turns out Kate’s the queen of online at the moment. Which is quite fitting, when you think about it.

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