So yesterday, we talked about how the internet had made the world smaller. It’s a figure of speech, okay? We know it’s not actually getting smaller, as illustrates in quite staggeringly simple ways.

This is the dashboard of the world, and it looks at population, public expenditure, health and loads of other statistics which - when you take a glance at them - show that the world is, if anything, getting a bit more crowded.

The global population has doubled since 1959. Yep, doubled.

So it’s not that surprising that you can’t get a seat on the train these days, is it? But, this is serious stuff. This site shows exactly what’s going on around the world and it makes quite bleak viewing when you look at statistics like how much we spend on defence, compared to how many people don’t have clean water to drink.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

A wealth of information all updating in real time.

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