There are many things that the internet can lay claim to.

One is undoubtedly making this world much smaller, with the free flow of information and the breaking down of geographical and cultural barriers.

Another is Justin Bieber, so it’s not all roses, but we reckon we’re still up on the deal.

However, we might think we’re in a smaller world of free-flowing information, but there are still some barriers. Often unseen, these are usually put in place to restrict access to online content, based on where you live.

And that’s just rubbish.

So if you want to catch up with the latest US TV shows, or take a peek behind the bamboo curtain, you’re going to need some kind of private access. And that’s exactly what gives you – a virtual private network that will grant access to those corners of the internet that some people don’t want everybody to see.

A most useful mammal.

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