So, in case you missed it yesterday, our news team was present at the launch of a new era. Or so the team behind would have us all believe.

And on first inspection, it’s hard to see anything else.

It’s a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), piggybacking on the EE network that offers a more ethical choice for UK mobile customers.

The difference The People's Operator is pushing is that the MVNO is pledging to give 25 per cent of profits to charity. You can also choose to pledge 10 per cent of your bill to a cause of your choice, be it your local school or the RSPCA.

MVNOs are nothing new - in fact the UK mobile market is awash with them already, and nearly all of them are successfully catering for niche markets.

But this is potentially the first that could seriously take on the big four operators in any meaningful way, simply by giving people a choice that might be more palatable to many in the current climate of big corporations dodging taxes.

This could prove popular. Especially when they get their hands on the new 4G network too.

Just keep and eye on data costs though, as this is a network better suited to calls and texts based on the deals it has on offer currently.

Worth watching.

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